Alfie was in a position that many of our clients face — he had an older car that needed constant repair. Often he had to take the bus to work because his car was in the shop, and, eventually, it just didn’t make sense to spend more money on his 2001 Volvo station wagon. He had earned his master’s degree and graduated when the economy was sliding and was having trouble finding a job — especially one he could reach on a train or bus route. He not only had his own student loans to pay but also some for his kids, so he was under a lot of financial stress. After we got Alfie an affordable loan for a newer car, he got a job as a counselor that he could not have taken without a reliable car. We also connected Alfie with the AirCheck Texas Drive a Clean Machine Program that reduced the cost of his purchase by $3,000 when his old Volvo that failed emissions tests was taken off of the road permanently. The Camry he bought has 32% less emissions and a 31% better environmental impact score. On the Road Lending is proud to be doing its part to improve health and air quality by getting older polluting cars off the road!

Our founder, Michelle Corson, making sure a client’s car is spotless before delivery.