Items needed to apply.


Please have the following information ready before you apply. Once you begin your application, you may not go back to adjust or edit. You can only advance forward. Please have all of the items below with you before you click apply now. 

  • Copy of your driver’s license

  • Proof of all income (current paystubs covering one month, child support, VA award letter, SSI/SSDI award letter, etc.)

  • Take-home income and all expenses

  • two months bank statements

  • Contact information (phone number and email) for your landlord, employer and referring community agency (if applicable)

  • Contact information for four personal references (family, friends or co-workers)

  • Last five years of residence history

  • Last five years of work history

  • Year, make, model, mileage and color of your current vehicle, if you own one
    * If you owe a balance on a loan please have the pay off amount ready