Café Momentum recruited Jim from New York to work with its nonprofit program that provides paid culinary internships and life skills training for juvenile offenders to foster successful reentry into the community. Prior to moving to Texas, Jim had good credit and had saved for his move. Unfortunately he had to maintain the mortgage on his home in New York longer than expected. With his savings depleted, he depended on credit to pay expenses, which lowered his credit score. When his car was totaled in a severe hailstorm in Dallas, he found that he couldn’t get an affordable loan for a replacement vehicle. Jim and his wife, Araceli, have adopted 17 children in need over the last 23 years, and currently had six living at home. When we heard about Jim, he only had a few days left on the rental car his insurance company was providing. We have never moved so fast to help someone and were able to get Jim qualified and into his Honda Civic within three days! Jim has dedicated his life to giving back, and we’re proud we could keep him going.

Our founder, Michelle Corson, making sure a client’s car is spotless before delivery.