KEY Program


The Fisher family participated in our KEY Program


Our Keys to Empowering Yourself (KEY) Program helps the most vulnerable clients. Some people aren’t ready for our Mobility Program that helps clients who are already employed build financial capability and secure an affordable loan through our sister private-equity loan fund. Our network of community partners asked us to find a transportation solution for their most vulnerable clients taking their first steps toward financial stability. This includes people looking for jobs, those without consistent employment history, victims fleeing domestic violence, individuals who have been recently incarcerated, and students.

Our KEY Program is a provisional transportation collaboration that offers temporary vehicles and intensive financial coaching while these clients find employment, gain job stability and financial skills, and accumulating savings. The KEY vehicles are slightly older and higher mileage than our typical cars.


For people whose current transportation options are to navigate public transit for 90 minutes and more each way or to finance an old, unreliable vehicle at usurious interest rates, the KEY Program offers a pathway to true financial stability. This model is innovative, replicable and sustainable. The KEY Program eliminates transportation as a barrier to economic mobility for thousands of people in need.

The KEY Program is also supported by our lending arm, which makes the loans for these clients who are expected to be in this lower-tier vehicle for about 12 months while they work to qualify for our Mobility Program. At that time, they will trade out of the older vehicle and into a newer car with less mileage.