Latavia was caught in the web of an 11-year abusive relationship and criminal activity. After her arrest but before her imminent incarceration, she worked hard to get her aesthetician’s license so she would have employment opportunities after her release. When we met her, she was vibrant and focused, working in the field, and dreaming of building her own business. While she didn’t have a credit score that would get her a reasonable traditional car loan, we had excellent references from both her case manager and current employer that convinced us she was a strong prospect. We were right! She’s a great example of how our relationship-based lending operates. Latavia worked hard with our coaches and saved $1,500, which went toward the down payment, tax, title and license on her 2017 Toyota Camry LE. We’re proud of her progress as she moves forward into her future!

Our founder, Michelle Corson, making sure a client’s car is spotless before delivery.