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On the Road Lending featured on The Delta News Morning Show

July 24, 2019


MOBI creates the first vehicle identity standard on blockchain

July 23, 2019

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) has created and launched the industry’s first standard incorporating blockchain technology into a digital vehicle identification (VID) system, paving the way for decentralized mobility services and smarter cities.


Automotive lender expanding into Alabama

June 4, 2019

On the Road Lending has hired Lonnie Smith, former philanthropy manager at State Farm in Atlanta, as vice president of business development. Smith will lead the nonprofit’s expansion efforts in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.


Fed Officials Meet With Local Leaders to Support Low-Income Communities

February 25, 2019

Federal Reserve officials met with nonprofit and civic leaders to kick off a series of public listening sessions as the central bank reviews how it conducts monetary policy. Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and Fed Vice Chairman Richard Clarida, during a tour and hourlong forum, heard from area residents who have worked with low-income communities to improve access to education, affordable housing and healthy food.


Fed Listens: A Conversation in Southern Dallas

February 25, 2019

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas hosted a Fed Listens community listening session on Monday, February 25, at St. Philip’s School and Community Center. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and local community leaders (including On the Road Lending’s Shaylon Scott) discussed economic conditions in southern Dallas and how the Fed’s policy decisions connect with residents’ lives.


Second annual BBVA Momentum a wrap with On the Road Lending taking home $75K prize

November 13, 2018

Social entrepreneur Michelle Corson of Dallas, Texas took home the $75,000 first prize for On the Road Lending, a company which finances fuel-efficient and reliable cars, under warranty, for lower-skilled workers with weak credit at the wrap of BBVA Momentum.


North Texas Giving Day Booster: On The Road Lending

September 5, 2018

What we do at On the Road Lending is pretty simple: We’re helping North Texans get affordable loans for fuel-efficient and reliable vehicles. What we give to our clients, however, is anything but.


Lunch With D CEO: Michelle Corson

August 15, 2018

Unsurprisingly, Michelle Corson is a car person.

“I would have a different one for every day of the week if I could,” she says. “I want a one-bedroom house and a seven-car garage.”


Local program helps families get back on their feet and on-the-go

June 13, 2018

On The Road Lending (OTRL) helps families get from one destination to another by lightening the financial burden of purchasing a vehicle. After researching program structures, funding models and options currently available nationwide, OTRL was born in 2013.


'Walking Man' tops transit talk that plugs his adopted travel style — driving

February 24, 2018

It was three years ago this month that the Free Press told of James Robertson — dubbed “the Walking Man” for his 21 miles of intrepid daily walking, in all kinds of weather, to and from home in Detroit and a factory job in suburbia.


Path to a Better Life

 December 5, 2017

When Shalva Moore first heard about the On the Road Lending program, she thought it was too good to be true. The widowed mother of three didn’t think she could find an affordable loan for a reliable used car with her credit rating.


Great Need for our Services

June 1, 2017

I often take my personal vehicle for granted because automobiles in my line of work are so common. I think nothing of it as I jump in my vehicle to run errands, attend meetings, and go see friends. I think nothing of it when, during an auto show, I visit with consumers about trim packages and performance capabilities of a particular model.


Getting Drivers on the Road

August 2016

When West Dallas resident Kimbely Rankin learned that her eldest child, Brian, 13, was offered a scholarship spot  at the Covenant School in North Dallas last year, she didn’t know what to do.


A 4-hour Commute

July 2016


Improving North Texas Air Quality

April 2, 2015


Escaping Poverty

May 7, 2015

James Baker was pedaling to work along a slick, snow-covered road in Frederick County, Md., when a traffic light changed abruptly. He braked and skidded to the ground, unhurt but making a mess of his clothes before a long day of work and school.


Auto Loan Sharks

April 2015

Last October, Michelle Corson sent checks to investors in her private equity fund for a “whopping” 3 percent return on their money. Some got less than $100.


Helping Clients Offset Transportation Costs

March 2015

When Tammy Carson Johnson was broke and unemployed several years ago, making it to job interviews often depended on whether she could scrounge together $5 for a daily Dallas Area Rapid Transit pass.


Rethinking Mobility to Relieve Poverty

March 2015

Artis Frank settled in Tuesday on the DART Green Line rail car, ear buds dangling from underneath his knit cap, backpack nestled at his side. The 59-year-old South Dallas resident was on the third leg of his four-part trek home from work. His commute: bus, commuter rail, light rail, another bus.


Using Private Equity for Social Causes

February 27, 2015

While private equity usually deals with investments in companies and real estate, Michelle Corson is rethinking the concept to give it a socially driven focus.


Where There are Wheels, There’s a Way

July 2014

A car isn’t just four wheels and a metal box to Yasmin Flores. It’s freedom, peace of mind and the means to a better job, a healthier diet and reliable child care for her toddler.


Why the Poor Need Better Access to Cars

April 1, 2014

In many circles – among advocates for cleaner air, safer streets, less congestion and public transit – it's a major policy goal to get people out of cars. Reduce car use, and you reduce pollution. Reduce car use, and we'll need fewer costly roads and parking garages. Reduce car use and shift more people onto bikes and trains, and maybe we'll all spend less of our lives idling in traffic.


Michelle Corson’s Presentation to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

April 21, 2014


Listen to Michelle Corson on KRLD with David Johnson

February 14, 2014