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On The Road Lending Announces $25,000 Grant From We Rise Together

January 17, 2024

On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization that launched in Dallas in 2013 to provide life-changing car loans, recently received a $25,000 grant from We Rise Together: For an Equitable & Just Recovery to assist with its expansion into the Chicago market. 

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On The Road Lending Announces New Board Members

December 22, 2023

On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization that launched in Dallas in 2013 to provide life-changing car loans, recently added two new members to its working board—Dr. Yvette K. Richards, community consultant, and Rich Walden, Santander Consumer USA Deputy General Counsel. 

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Staff Notes: Forget About the Pants—Who Holds the Purse Strings?

October 11, 2023

If you know three women or seven men, one of them has experienced some kind of intimate partner abuse or violence. The truth is, we all know someone.  Some of us grew up in a family riddled with violence. Others of us stumbled into a relationship that seemed perfect—until it was a nightmare. Occasionally, we didn't stumble, but we were sought, pressured, and eventually succumbed.

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On The Road Lending Announces $500,000 Funding From Tolleson Wealth Management

September 05, 2023

On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization that launched in Dallas in 2013, has received lending capital of $500,000 from Tolleson Private Bank to deepen its successful initiative across underserved communities throughout the Dallas metropolitan area. On the Road Lending helps clients improve their credit and purchase fuel-efficient, reliable cars with low-interest loans through its sister loan fund, which is a Community Development Financial Institution certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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Goldman Sachs Gives $5M To 'On The Road Lending,' A Non-Profit That Helps Black Women Secure Low Interest Car Loans

September 02, 2023

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underserved communities secure quality vehicles has received a huge boost. 

On the Road Lending has announced that the Urban Investment Group within Goldman Sachs Asset Management completed the second round of its 2019 $10M commitment, according to news release shared with ESSENCE. The investment is part of Goldman Sachs’ One Million Black Women initiative, the release said.

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Texas-Based MSO On the Road Garage Joins 1Collision

August 09, 2023

1Collision is excited to announce the addition of On the Road Garage, which operates two locations in Texas. The Irving facility opened in 2020 and two years later, an additional location was established in Dallas. The company has 40 full-time employees.

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On the Road Lending Announces New Board Members

June 22, 2023

On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization that launched in Dallas in 2013 to provide life-changing car loans, recently added two new members to its working board. 

Kevian Conley, consultant, and Sharron Hunt, an owner of Unity Hunt. 

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The Dallas Foundation Announces Nearly $1.5M in Most Recent Grant Funding Cycle

July 11, 2022

The Dallas Foundation, the first community foundation in Texas, is proud to announce almost $1.5M in grants to 51 local organizations which will impact thousands of individuals across Greater Dallas. These particular grants, awarded from Field of Interest Funds, are endowed funds that are customized to align with a donor’s interest in a specific cause. Historically, the funds each year cover a range of issues, including the arts, critical needs, children & families, and animal welfare. 

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Good Morning Texas highlights our work and a grant from WFAA and the TEGNA Foundation

July 08, 2022

WFAA is pleased to feature 10 area non-profits for the incredible work they are doing.

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On the Road Lending and Capital One Partner to Democratize Car Ownership

June 16, 2022

In partnership with Capital One, On the Road Lending stives to help working individuals and families gain the freedom of mobility through car ownership.

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Staff Notes: Getting On The Road to Financial Recovery After Domestic Violence and Other Trauma-Related Experiences

June 09, 2022

If you’ve ever attempted to buy a car or make any large purchase that requires financing you have likely worked through the challenging process of getting a loan at a rate and price you can afford. Now imagine that process for a woman who left an abusive relationship and is starting over in every way, especially financially.

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Building Transportation Equity in the Car-Centric South

May 31, 2022

In much of the south, public transportation lags behind that of many coastal cities. Even in some parts of Dallas, where 20-year-old nonprofit On the Road Lending is based, it’s not rare for workers without cars to need to rise in the pre-dawn hours, switch several routes, and walk a mile or more — all before tackling their full workday. At times, access to jobs is simply not available without a reliable vehicle.

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On the Road Lending named as Finalist D CEO’s Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Award 2022

May 31, 2022

D CEO has named finalists in its fifth annual Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards, presented in partnership with the Communities Foundation of Texas. This year’s program attracted nearly 500 nominations and included two new categories to recognize nonprofit efforts in education and corporate leadership in sustainability. After several judging sessions, a total of 126 finalists were named.

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Building Transportation Equity in the Car-Centric South

May 31, 2022

Q&A: On the Road Lending CEO on how the nonprofit is aiming to be like Habitat for Humanity — except for vehicles. 

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Meet Michelle Corson, ‘The Car Lady’ Behind the CDFI That Gets Clients On the Road

March 22, 2022

Since she was a little girl in Texas, Michelle Corson has always loved cars, something that befuddled her parents.

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On The Road Lending Announces Promotions

September 20, 2021

On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization that launched in Dallas in 2013 to provide life-changing car loans, recently promoted two team members. Lonnie Smith, formerly Senior Vice President - Business Development, is now President of On the Road Lending. Bill Long, formerly Chief Operating Officer, is now President of On the Road Sustainability Funds.

“We’re excited to have Lonnie and Bill direct our expansion into the Midwest and West this fall,” said Michelle Corson, On the Road Lending’s founder and CEO. “They will be the leading our mission to remove transportation barriers and create economic mobility in Arizona, Illinois and Indiana.”

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On The Road Lending Announces New Board Members

September 13, 2021

On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization that launched in Dallas in 2013 to provide life-changing car loans, recently added two new members to its working board.

John Giegerich, partner with CEO Coaching International in Atlanta, and Kathryn Ragsdale, external affairs manager with Toyota North America in Mississippi.

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How Impact Investors Alleviate Poverty By Funding Affordable Car Loans

September 09, 2021

Michelle Corson, a finance professional, wanted to use her skills for social good.

"I got into my middle years and decided I wanted to use the skills and knowledge that I developed for some good purpose," she exclaimed. "I wanted to use finance in a positive way and champion the idea of impact investing in Texas to solve some social problems."

When she looked around, she saw that people were unable to get better jobs, access good food, or take their kids to the doctor—all because they lacked transportation to get them there in a time-efficient way. Corson focused on helping working Americans get affordable loans to buy newer cars that are fuel efficient and with low mileage. Newer cars are less likely to break down and if they do are under warranty.

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Texas Women’s Foundation Resilience Fund Makes $30,000 Grant To On The Road Lending

August 20, 2021

On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization that launched in Dallas in 2013 to provide life-changing car loans, recently received a $30,000 grant from the Texas Women’s Foundation (TXWF) Resilience Fund to support financial coaching and economic crisis counseling efforts.

TXWF established the Resilience Fund in 2020 in response to unprecedented challenges in public health and the economy. On the Road Lending’s clients are predominantly women, and many work for or own small businesses and were hit hard by the pandemic. With help from the Resilience Fund grant, On the Road Lending will continue to help women improve their credit and hold onto their cars, which are an essential lifeline.

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Staff Notes: Not Good With Money

February 27, 2021

My dad was not good with money. Born in the Mississippi Delta, he told us about “the take,” which was how the sharecropping system was rigged against sharecroppers, my family and
others. It was essentially a captive credit dependency structure. I learned many valuable lessons from my father. He had a strong work ethic and instilled in me
and my brother many admirable traits. But he was not perfect. One thing I observed him do was be very generous when it was payday. 

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Where ESG and Tech Connect

January 28, 2021

How has the current pandemic has impacted climate change and in turn, sustainable investing? Market participants, including our CEO Michelle Corson, from BNY Mellon's “Where ESG and Tech Connect” panel discuss the increased focus on standardization, certification and governance.

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Partner Highlight: Funding U

January 19, 2021

We have a new strategic alliance with Funding U, a source for no cosigner student loans based in Atlanta. We serve similar clients and communities, and we both expect our clients to benefit
from that synergy moving forward. By being 100% focused on no cosigner student loans for undergraduates, Funding U is fast, straightforward and helpful. Loans always have fixed interest
and no hidden fees, and each student is assigned a single loan officer to shepherd them through the process.

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Staff Notes: Credit Challenge is Everywhere

January 19, 2021

I am often struck by how credit is perceived among our partner organizations, business contacts and the general public. There is broad-based acknowledgment of people struggling with credit challenges.

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Staff Notes: Never Give Up

December 09, 2020

My seven-year old daughter loves to sing and perform songs in front of her imaginary audience. One of her made up songs is called Never Give Up.

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Partner Highlight: Grady

December 09, 2020

We’re proud to partner with Grady and support its mission to improve the health of the community by providing quality, comprehensive healthcare in a compassionate, culturally competent, ethical and fiscally responsible manner. Like On the Road Lending, Grady is committed to the underserved of Fulton and DeKalb counties in Georgia, while also providing care for residents of metro Atlanta and throughout the state. Grady leads through its clinical excellence, innovative research and progressive medical education and training.

Grady employs more than 6,000 individuals in Georgia, and we’re now a part of the GradyWell employee program providing affordable loans for reliable cars to help employees get to work and take care of their families.

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Impact Investing: How One Nonprofit Uses Cars to Empower People

December 04, 2020

A car enthusiast and self-proclaimed finance nerd, Michelle Corson found the perfect way to blend her passions — and change lives along the way. She founded On the Road Lending, a Dallas-based nonprofit, in 2013 as an alternative to traditional automobile lending and based its practices on a simple question: What if we assume people will succeed instead of fail?  

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Finding Jobs In Alabama Doesn’t Have To Be Hard—5 Resources Available

November 13, 2020

Central Six AlabamaWorks! explores childcare, transportation and other factors that often hinder employment opportunities.

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Staff Notes: Veterans Day Memory

November 06, 2020

My parents moved into our home at 6623 Wabash in Kansas City in the early 1970s. My dad, a Korean War veteran, got a mortgage through the G.I. Bill. They chose our home because of its proximity to major bus lines because we didn’t own a car

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Here’s Why You Should Always Shop Around For Financing Before Buying A Vehicle

October 19, 2020

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Consumer Adviser Clark Howard warns that not shopping for financing before shopping for a vehicle could harm your financial future.

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Staff Notes: On the Road Lending is a Resource for Caretakers

October 07, 2020

I’m Lonnie Smith, Senior Vice President - Business Development for On the Road Lending, and I have a special place in my heart for caretakers. My grandfather, who suffered from dementia, wanted to stay in his home. He was able to do that thanks to Tomas, his caretaker.

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Partner Highlight: Operation Hope

October 07, 2020

On November 5 from 6 to 7 p.m. CST, On the Road Lending and Operation HOPE will present a virtual workshop on credit and money management to help Birmingham residents improve their FICO credit scores.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Operation HOPE is a for-purpose organization working to disrupt poverty and empower inclusion for low- and moderate-income youth and adults. With a focus on ?nancial dignity and positive money mindsets, the nonprofit helps equip individuals and communities with the ?nancial tools and education needed to secure a better future.

With more than 100 HOPE Inside locations nationwide, Operation HOPE’s certified financial wellbeing coaches are ready to help individuals achieve financial freedom free of charge and will meet virtually and privately from the safety of clients’ homes.

Operation HOPE’s programs are offered at HOPE Inside Regions Bank in Birmingham, as well as in neighboring Fairfield, Florence and Selma. Locate the HOPE Inside nearest you HERE.

We look forward to seeing you at the next month’s virtual workshop. CLICK HERE to register.

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Where Are All The ADAS Technicians? In a Garage Run by Women.

September 28, 2020

The automotive sector is losing mechanics to age as they shift to connected driving technology; garages like On the Road are helping build our future workforce.

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Partner Highlight: Goodwill Industries of Houston

September 11, 2020

Goodwill Industries of Houston believes in changing lives through the power of work. Its mission to educate, train, and hire individuals with barriers to employment is closely connected to our mission to remove transportation barriers. We both are dedicated to helping people live better lives and have worked together since we entered the Houston market three years ago. Together we are connecting people, families, and communities to improve lives and meet the workforce needs of today and tomorrow.

Goodwill refers clients to us like Rocosky Myers, who had worked in the HVAC industry until he began losing his vision. He was forced to leave the industry and struggled to find employment that would accommodate his disability. After volunteering for Goodwill, he now is a full-time employee there and has an affordable loan for a reliable car through On the Road Lending.

We’re proud to partner with Goodwill and thankful for being chosen to receive its Community Partner of the Year Award.

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Thank you Stand Together Foundation!

August 31, 2020

On the Road Lending helped 200 clients hit hard during COVID-19 through the Stand Together Foundation Give Together Now campaign. The nationwide community effort raised $100 million and helped more than 200,000 families. Our 200 clients received $500 each to help buy food and other essentials—a significant safety net given 40% of households have less than $400 saved for emergencies. We estimate 85% of our clients work for or own small businesses hurt by the pandemic and half of our borrowers have been negatively impacted.

We’re thankful for the Stand Together Foundation for helping raise these essential funds. In celebration of the successful fundraising effort, our CEO, Michelle Corson, told our story to the national audience. Get your Kleenex ready, because it’s going to make you feel good about helping On the Road Lending get hardworking families on the road to success!

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On The Road Garage Gears Up For Auto Repair

July 31, 2020

To Michelle Corson, cars are fundamental to navigating the long road to economic equality. So since 2013, she’s followed that path — initially launching On the Road Lending to help underserved com- munities build credit by giving recipients low-interest loans to buy cars. Then came On the Road Motors to sell cars directly to buyers at auction.

“I’m just fascinated by how Henry Ford’s mission was really to make the car affordable for the common man, and how it just unleashed this tidal wave of economic prosperity for decades and transformed our culture,” said the 55-year-old impact investor and former real estate executive.

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Partner Highlight: Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW)

July 13, 2020

Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW) shares our belief that ending poverty is possible. As one of our nonprofit partners, CCFW refers clients to us who are involved in its case management program. Each client’s case management plan includes employment, transportation, childcare and education goals. All of the CCFW departments meet weekly to review each client’s plan. On the Road Lending helps referred clients meet their goals with financial coaching, vehicle selection services and affordable loans for reliable cars. CCFW has a bold goal to end poverty for 10,000 families in the community by 2026. We’re doing our part to help make this happen!

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Chase Commits $1 Million to Help Houstonians Impacted by COVID-19

June 03, 2020

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has committed more than $1 million to several organizations providing services to Houstonians impacted by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are making investments to support vulnerable Houstonians in this time of crisis,” JPMorgan Chase Houston Market Leader Kristen Habich said in an announcement. “JPMorgan Chase has a long history in Houston and a standing commitment to supporting our employees, customers and community.”

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JPMorgan Chase COVID Relief Plan for Houston Brings $1M-plus in Economic Aid From Chase

June 03, 2020

Houstonians who’ve endured a series of COVID-19-driven economic obstacles had barely begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel this month when another setback rolled in.

Thousands of Houston-area families are now at risk of losing their homes since the state’s eviction suspension policy ended on May 18, said Sharon Zachary, executive director/CEO at ACAM, the Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries.

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JPMorgan Chase Donates over $1M to Houston-area Nonprofits for Covid-19 Challenges

May 30, 2020

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), the largest bank operating in Houston, committed more than $1 million in Covid-19 relief to local nonprofits.

The philanthropic contributions were made to stabilize households and the nonprofits on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis, according to a May 27 news release. A breakdown of the JPMorgan Chase contributions is as follows:

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Deal Ticker: DFW’s Top Leases, Sales, and New Projects

April 02, 2020

On The Road Lending purchased a 20,000 square foot industrial warehouse just west of the Trinity River on Comstock Street.

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Bridging The Transportation Gap: How Nonprofits & Local Governments Are Tackling Transportation Challenges

February 14, 2020

This report offers an overview of programs serving low-income residents, with a particular focus on programs that reach rural residents. The Southern Economic Advancement Project interviewed program administrators for car ownership programs, rural transit, and vanpool programs that address rural transportation challenges and offer insights into their experiences.


On the Road Lending Announces $16.3 Million in Grants and Impact Investments

January 27, 2020

Funding to fuel expansion of successful car loan programs in Texas and the Southeastern U.S.


Dallas’ On The Road Lending plans national expansion with $10 million in funding

January 23, 2020

Dallas-based nonprofit On The Road Lending will expand its vehicle-financing program to underserved communities outside Texas with a loan of up to $10 million from Goldman Sachs’ urban investment group.


Dallas’ On The Road Lending Could Receive Up to $10M from Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group

January 20, 2020

Dallas-based financial nonprofit On The Road Lending announced it’s receiving a loan of up to $10 million from the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group.


On the Road Lending selected to participate in Stand Together Foundation’s Catalyst Program

January 09, 2020

We’re excited to announce our selection for Stand Together Foundation’s Catalyst Program!

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On the Road Lending Announces up to $10 Million Funding from Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group

January 02, 2020

On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization that launched in Dallas in 2013, has received a loan of up to $10 million from the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group to fuel expansion of its successful initiative across underserved communities throughout the Southeastern U.S.

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Goldman Sachs invests in group making low-interest car loans

January 02, 2020

Goldman Sachs said Thursday that On the Road Lending, a nonprofit organization, received a loan of up to $10 million from Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group to help the expansion of its car loan programs throughout the Southeast.


Meet Michelle Corson of On the Road Lending in Design District

November 19, 2019

Having reliable personal transportation provides so much for people — the ability to get better work, better school options for their kids, healthier food, greater access to medical care and most importantly more time.

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World Car-Free Day: three solutions for greener transportation

September 19, 2019

World Car-free Day is held on September 22 to raise awareness about the environmental impact of large-scale car use.

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On the Road Lending featured on The Delta News Morning Show

July 24, 2019

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MOBI creates the first vehicle identity standard on blockchain

July 23, 2019

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) has created and launched the industry’s first standard incorporating blockchain technology into a digital vehicle identification (VID) system, paving the way for decentralized mobility services and smarter cities.

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Automotive lender expanding into Alabama

June 04, 2019

On the Road Lending has hired Lonnie Smith, former philanthropy manager at State Farm in Atlanta, as vice president of business development. Smith will lead the nonprofit’s expansion efforts in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

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Fed Officials Meet With Local Leaders to Support Low-Income Communities

February 25, 2019

Federal Reserve officials met with nonprofit and civic leaders to kick off a series of public listening sessions as the central bank reviews how it conducts monetary policy. Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and Fed Vice Chairman Richard Clarida, during a tour and hourlong forum, heard from area residents who have worked with low-income communities to improve access to education, affordable housing and healthy food.

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Fed Listens: A Conversation in Southern Dallas

February 25, 2019

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas hosted a Fed Listens community listening session on Monday, February 25, at St. Philip’s School and Community Center. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and local community leaders (including On the Road Lending’s Shaylon Scott) discussed economic conditions in southern Dallas and how the Fed’s policy decisions connect with residents’ lives.  

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Second annual BBVA Momentum a wrap with On the Road Lending taking home $75K prize

November 13, 2018

Social entrepreneur Michelle Corson of Dallas, Texas took home the $75,000 first prize for On the Road Lending, a company which finances fuel-efficient and reliable cars, under warranty, for lower-skilled workers with weak credit at the wrap of BBVA Momentum.  

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North Texas Giving Day Booster: On The Road Lending

September 05, 2018

What we do at On the Road Lending is pretty simple: We’re helping North Texans get affordable loans for fuel-efficient and reliable vehicles. What we give to our clients, however, is anything but.

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Lunch With D CEO: Michelle Corson

August 15, 2018

Unsurprisingly, Michelle Corson is a car person.

“I would have a different one for every day of the week if I could,” she says. “I want a one-bedroom house and a seven-car garage.”

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Local program helps families get back on their feet and on-the-go

June 13, 2018

On The Road Lending (OTRL) helps families get from one destination to another by lightening the financial burden of purchasing a vehicle. After researching program structures, funding models and options currently available nationwide, OTRL was born in 2013.

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'Walking Man' tops transit talk that plugs his adopted travel style — driving

February 24, 2018

It was three years ago this month that the Free Press told of James Robertson — dubbed “the Walking Man” for his 21 miles of intrepid daily walking, in all kinds of weather, to and from home in Detroit and a factory job in suburbia.

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Path to a Better Life

December 05, 2017

When Shalva Moore first heard about the On the Road Lending program, she thought it was too good to be true. The widowed mother of three didn’t think she could find an affordable loan for a reliable used car with her credit rating.

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Great Need For Our Services

June 01, 2017

I often take my personal vehicle for granted because automobiles in my line of work are so common. I think nothing of it as I jump in my vehicle to run errands, attend meetings, and go see friends. I think nothing of it when, during an auto show, I visit with consumers about trim packages and performance capabilities of a particular model.

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Getting Drivers on the Road

August 01, 2016

When West Dallas resident Kimbely Rankin learned that her eldest child, Brian, 13, was offered a scholarship spot at the Covenant School in North Dallas last year, she didn’t know what to do.

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Escaping Poverty

May 07, 2015

Last October, Michelle Corson sent checks to investors in her private equity fund for a “whopping” 3 percent return on their money. Some got less than $100.

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Improving North Texas Air Quality

April 02, 2015


Using Private Equity for Social Causes

February 27, 2015

While private equity usually deals with investments in companies and real estate, Michelle Corson is rethinking the concept to give it a socially driven focus.

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Michelle Corson’s Presentation to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

April 21, 2014

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Why the Poor Need Better Access to Cars

April 01, 2014

In many circles – among advocates for cleaner air, safer streets, less congestion and public transit – it's a major policy goal to get people out of cars. Reduce car use, and you reduce pollution. Reduce car use, and we'll need fewer costly roads and parking garages. Reduce car use and shift more people onto bikes and trains, and maybe we'll all spend less of our lives idling in traffic.

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