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Invest in Sustainability Funds.

Champion Impact Capital, On the Road Sustainability Funds and On the Road Lending are legally separate entities that collaborate to achieve a shared goal—helping low-to-moderate-income people build economic mobility by overcoming transportation barriers.

Champion Impact Capital develops creative, impactful public-private partnerships to sustainably invest in the long-term social and environmental health of communities. Champion created the On the Road Lending initiative to address the need for low- to moderate-income working people with credit challenges to obtain affordable loans to purchase fuel-efficient, reliable transportation. The underlying social purpose is to enable people to find and retain good employment, avoid predatory lending, and build healthier lives as a function of being able to access good food, seek preventative or emergency health care, reduce stress, and increase access to social networks. Champion serves as an advisor to the other entities on financing and strategic growth opportunities.

On the Road Sustainability Funds is a family of impact investment funds that provides affordable loans to clients of On the Road Lending. Our first fund is OTR Fund I, LLC, a social-purpose private equity fund. Investors include individuals, corporations, foundations and institutions that may earn an annual preferred return.

On the Road Lending is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit partner that makes the initiative a success both financially and socially. Unlike subprime auto lending, where borrowers are financed exclusively on credit scores and purchase and finance their car the same day, On the Road Lending works with clients before they get their car and throughout the life of the loan. Because of the close relationship that the financial coach builds with the client, the nonprofit logically acts as the underwriter.

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